Vintage Model Airplane? A domain name carefully chosen to help search engines find my site. Vintage Airplane or Model Airplane were too broad and Rubber Powered Free Flight Vintage Model Airplane too narrow. Now that you found me - what's this all about?

My story begins in '76 the year of the long-hot summer when Elton John and Kiki Dee did not break each other’s hearts and I was on a family trip taking in the Bedfordshire Village of Cranfield. More

In addition to my autobiographical reflections archived here for downloading to read/print offline, there are the Flying Faces from 1983-5 and the early history of Sam35Speaks 1979-83, both representing a romantic trawl through the early days of Sam35

My other addiction from '93, is a '86 Rover SD1 3500 cc Twin Plenum Vitesse recently featured in "Classic Cars" mag from which this image was drawn. Styled along the lines of the Ferrari "Daytona", the shape alone caused a sensation when launched in '76. Eight years later Rover's own racing machine, same as mine, dominated Europe's Group A Production Racing thro' the late '80's.

My car was the 20th last off the production line and, perhaps due to poor build quality that plagued the life of the SD1, is one of the last, true, All-British Rovers. Having written many articles for club journals or internet forums and expanded my portfolio to cover in-depth fuel injection and component analysis, they are collated as free PDF downloads here to help share my technical knowledge and experience of its systems with SD1 owners around the world.

Autobiographical Reflections - of Vintage Model Airplanes, the Crazy

Rubber Band and the Rover SD1 3500cc Twin Plenum Vitesse

Bob Bienenstien's 300 sq in Challenger

My Bob Bienenstien 300 sq in "Challenger" at Launch