Over the many years indulging in my hobbies I have promoted my extrovert tendencies by writing and submitting essays and articles to various house magazines and publications. I have also made myself available on various internet forums.

As a result of this blatent enthusiastic but occasionally misplaced self promotion, some of the stuff I generate may well contain errors and omissions or may be otherwise incomplete. It can also leave alternative views unspoken.

If you feel that any of the above apply to my ramblings encased in this website, or you can add anything to my personal reflections of these hobbies, then please feel free to clarify or correct anything with which you disagree.

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I have some other web addresses where a some early material resides:

My original Vintage Model Airplane Blog - http://uk.blog.360.yahoo.com/ramon9712

My original SD1 Website - http://perso.orange.fr/ineedaholiday/SD1.html

My original Rover SD1 Blog - http://uk.blog.360.yahoo.com/maureen9235

None are kept up to date and the only reason they remain in cyberspace is that they represent my early attempts at internet communication and cost me nothing to maintain.

I really dont mind when people get in touch because it seems to me that there are two distinct approaches that people employ to try and make the most out of ones hobbies.

1 - Keep everything to yourself, don't let on about any secret processes, maintain the competitive edge by employing subterfuge when active in the public arena.


2 - Embrace the sharing approach and (when asked) tell others how you do things, explain any difficult processes, give reasons or alternatives, and finally, be available.

I subscribe to the latter philosophy, so please feel free to get in touch.

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