Flying Faces (Click Any Picture)

From Aug '83 until Jan '85 this series of charactertures appeared in "SAM35Speaks". Carrying his distinctive signature, they were drawn by Les Hoy who was also responsible for the front covers of our early Magazines and Year Books. His unique templates remain in use to this day.

Les used a common layout for these sketches, which clearly drew inspiration from the "Flying Aces" magazine much loved by all aeromodellers. He created a sense of period with a bold title flying across the windsock and the subject's name ribbon wrapped around the base of the pole.

There were sixteen original drawings but number five has been lost due to a problem which prevented the Oct '83 magazine from being printed. Or, at least so it seems, because it never reached mine or any other doorstep. Perhaps someone out there knows different and can identify the missing face or even produce a copy of the missing magazine. In the meantime I decided to add Mike Kemp to my collection. Mike, who passed away at the end of 2007, might well have been the original number five, I just dont know, so in the meantimehe he occupies that slot. If anybody can draw a suitable chacterture of Mike I will replace the image used.

The subjects were ubiquitous at venues across the UK during that period. I knew them all, some better than others and as a tribute to them and the early days of SAM35 have added my personal reflections to Les Hoy's remarkable likenesses. Hover over the pictures to confirm their names and click to reveal an image of the original drawing along with my brief memories.

Some of the "faces" were not known to me as well as others and I have to do some more research to fill in the blanks. If you have personal knowledge or anecdotes relating to any of these ubiquitous characters please let me know so that I can complete their stories.

To see Les Hoy's fantastic artwork in full screen just click on the next picture you see after selecting the subject from the above tableau.

Twelve of the above sixteen faces regularly fly or flew rubber powered vintage model airplanes and therefor, in some way or other, are honorary members of the Crazy Rubber Band. Some still are: but just who or what are the mythical CRAZY RUBBER BAND?

Dave Baker Sid Sutherland Mario Gandolfi Don Knight Mike Kemp Peter Michel Vic Dubery Brian Yearley
Geoff Clarke Bob Hodgkins Dick Hardwick Jack Humphreys Ray Alban Reg Parham Dennis Fairlie Mike Hetherington

Ramon Alban


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