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The experience of many Rover SD1 Efi owners suffering faults with their fuel injection system is that expensive parts have often been purchased to cure a problem when a methodical approach to component testing would have found simple faults easily cured. Originally prepared for personal use it's appeal to SD1 Efi owners became obvious so a good quality version was prepared for sale. Sadly a person with bad friends plagiarised it and re-presented it under a false byeline. Two years later, consumed by shame they have withdrawn their efforts so it is available again from here:

Rover SD1 Efi Component Archive ----->>

These studies of the Rover SD1 Efi Components are based on my personal experience, forum comments, web sources and Rover technical material.

Operations and Test Manual

All the Download Material

A Selection of newer Material

Replacing the Rover SD1 Throttle Pot here

World Wide Forum/Discussion Group Links here

Gearbox Solutions here

First Year of Ownership here

RV8 Cooling System - Diagnose Fix

Operations and Test Manual here

These are from the EFi Component Archive

"Air Flow Meter" ............... "Throttle Potentiometer "

"The Extra Air Valve" ........ "Coolant Temp Sensor"

"The Cold Start Process" ...... "Plenum Chamber"

"Fuel Supply System"..........."Steering Module etc"

"Injectors and Resistor Pack".........."Viscous Fan"

"Overrun Valve"..Please advise Errors/Omissions

"Using Multimeters" by Carl Heinlein

"Efi Engine Runs Without Fuel Pump"

My endeavor is to dig deeper into the purpose/function of the components and their respective relationship to the Rover SD1 Efi System. This Efi Archive exists, therefor, to comprehensively address the perennial questions asked by novice and experienced Vitesse/Vdp Efi owners alike.

Stop Press

A Major Review of Rover SD1 V8 Electronic Ignition System

Description & Analysis Here:

Components & Testing Here:

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