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PDF downloadBinnacle Cover Modification
PDF downloadWindscreen Wiper Mechanism
PDF downloadUnder Bonnet Blanket
PDF downloadEfi Circuit Diagram 1985 Onwards
PDF downloadEfi Testing and Adjustment Program
PDF downloadEfi Idling Problems on Twin Plenum
PDF downloadEfi Fuel Vaporization Hot Start Problem
PDF downloadRover SD1 Exhaust Systems
PDF download"Classic Cars" Photoshoot 2005
PDF downloadRange Rover ECU fitted to Rover SD1 Efi
PDF downloadSD1 Braking System Full Description
PDF downloadRover SD1 Hella GR65 Cruise Control
PDF downloadRover SD1 Auto Efi Anti-Stall Modification
PDF downloadRetrofit Cruise Control to Twin Plenum
PDF downloadCan you afford a Cheap Car Battery?
PDF downloadFalse Fuel Reading on Efi Trip Computer
PDF downloadRover SD1 Gearbox Solutions
PDF downloadFirst Year Owning Twin Plenum Vitesse
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PDF downloadThrottle Potentiometer
Efi Inline or Trigger Resistor
PDF downloadAir Flow Meter (AFM)
Efi Viscous Fan Coupling
PDF downloadFuel Injector and Power Resistor Pack
PDF downloadExtra Air Valve (EAV)
Coolant Temperature Sensor
PDF downloadThermotime Switch and Cold Start Injector
PDF downloadFuel Supply System, including the following
PDF downloadFuel Pump, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Filter
PDF downloadPlenum Chamber
Steering Module, Fuel Pump & Main Relay
PDF downloadElectronic Control Unit (ECU)
Overrun Valve
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PDF downloadAir Conditioning (CCOT System)
Electric Sunroof Assembly
Trip Odometer Zero Reset Problem
PDF downloadRV8 Efi Cooling System - Diagnose and Fix

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Improve Economy/Speed with Spoiler ???
Curing Water Leaks into Boot
Fitting a Deep Chin Front Spoiler
PDF downloadReplacing Front Dampers - Not so Scary
&PDF downloadV8 Coolant Fill Without Airlocks
Replacement Parcel Shelf Retaining Plate
ReChrome Rubbing Strips & Door Cards
PDF downloadUprating Rover SD1 Tail/Stop Lights
PDF downloadRover SD1 Temporary Horn Relocation
Remove Steering Wheel the Scary Way

PDF downloadRover SD1 Snippety Bits

What Does the SD1 Efi "Hot Spot" Do?
Why is Inlet Hole to Efi Air Filter so Small?
Testing for SD1 Efi V8 Camshaft Wear.
Octane Rating vesus Ignition Timing

PDF downloadRover SD1 V8 Electronic Ignition System

PDF downloadRV8 Ignition - Description and Analysis
PDF downloadRV8 Ignition - Components and Testing

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PDF downloadPhotographer at Work on TP Vitesse
PDF downloadMy Ex Vdp Efi - A Bright New Future
PDF downloadVarious Images for Forum Topics
Rover TP Vitesse '09 Resto - Bonnet/Roof
PDF downloadUprating Rover SD1 Tail/Stop Lights

SD1 Efi Ops Manual - Simple and Concise

The Definitive DIY Test & Adjustment Guide
Review & Buy Efi Operations Manual

SD1 Hella Cruise Control Ops Manual

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Shadow - German Shepherd Dog
Tiba - German Spitz Dog

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PDF downloadMovie of Rubber Model Flying in 1930's
PDF downloadCollection of Model Airplane Tips n' Tricks
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PDF downloadHow SAM35 Started in England
PDF download2005 Sam1066 European Championships
PDF download2006 Sam1066 European Championships
PDF downloadTale of Endurance - Hottest Day Ever
PDF downloadNew Look I 1950 8oz Wakefield
PDF downloadToto 1952 Classic Wakefield
PDF downloadNorthern Arrow 1936 4oz Wakefield
PDF downloadSenator 1950 Vintage Lightweight
PDF downloadChallenger 1947 - Sleeps with the Fishes
PDF downloadNew Yorker IV 1937 8oz Wakefield
PDF downloadMayfly 1936 4 oz Wakefield
PDF downloadVoodoo 1950 8 oz Wakefield
PDF downloadLe Vibrant 1948 8oz Wakefield
PDF downloadMystery 8oz Wakefield Model '38/39
PDF downloadRise Off Ground (ROG)
PDF downloadUse GPS to find lost Model Airplanes
PDF downloadDoping Silk using Meniscus Method
PDF downloadRara Avis and the Crazy rubber Band
PDF downloadSilly Putty Tube-in-a-Tube DT Timer
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Warp Free Flying Surfaces
Preparing Rubber Motors
Tube-within-a-tube Freewheeling Propeller
Boxing Clever avoids Transit Damage
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"Why Free Flight?" - Have your say too
Lexiconography of The Crazy Rubberband
Slope Soaring in Continental Europe -1932
Terry Rose Vintage Plans - Discontinued
The Crazy Rubber Band
The David Baker Chronicles
Non-Used Image Index
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Middle Wallop 2005 Video
Rubber Powered Models from 30's Video
PDF downloadMorriset's "New Look I" 8oz Wake

Something Completely Different

The Medical Story So Far

Rover SD1 Forum Snippets

Tracing Speed Transducer Faults
PDF downloadRepair LT77 Speed Transducer
Fit a Tow Bar to Rover SD1
Cleaning Aluminium Parts
Fit a Vitesse Rear Spoiler
Use High Octane Fuel (or not)
Emergency Tools and Spares
Diagnosing Rover SD1 Exhaust Smoke
PDF downloadUsing Multimeters on a Rover SD1
Best Ever Clean Windscreen
Unusual Solutions to Common Efi Faults
Bulkhead Water Leaks
Reduce Efi Power Losses -15 Easy Steps
Efi System "Hunting" Solutions
Efi Engine Run sans Fuel Pump
Mitigating Effect of Water Leaks
Modifications to my TP Vitesse
PDF downloadReplace A/C Car Heater Matrix
PDF downloadReUpholster Headlining
Debunking Cold Start Mythology
PDF downloadSU Carburettor Set-up
Choice of Exhaust Manifold
Best Engine Operating Temperature

Rover SD1 Electrical Sub-Systems

Low Coolant Level Indicator
Interior (Courtesy) Lamp Switching Circuit

Vintage Free Flight Forum Snippets.

Fix Tissue Letters or Labels to a Model
PDF downloadHow To Test Wind a Rubber Motor.

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