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It's Star Date 100811, being exactly seven years since I began contributing to various Rover V8 Internet Forums on a variety of technical aspects of the Rover SD1.

Even then, in 2004, I had already owned my Rover SD1 Twin Plenum Vitesse since 1993 and during those eleven subsequent years had become quite familiar with the specifics of the Fuel Injection system plus other mechanical but mainly electrical aspects of the car. Such familiarity was further enhanced by owning two Rover SD1 Efi VDP variants and another Vitesse which, sadly, was only good for salvaging parts.

My interventions have generally been well received by Forum Members, mostly Rover SD1 Owner/ Enthusiasts or custodians of other Rover V8 engined cars such as Range Rover, Land Rover, TVR, TR8, and Kits Cars when the occasion arises.

Initially, my interest centred upon suggesting personal experience of solutions to problems aired by forum members, but as time evolved, now, more and more often trying to analyse reported signs and symptoms and offering - hopefully - rational or logical answers. As time passed, ones diagnostic ability improved as did my familiarity with the commonly repeating issues, even if not directly experienced by me, so in some cases solutions seem (almost) too painfully obvious. But then again, not at all obvious to the novice, of whom there are often quite a few.

Even so solutions offered can be quite wide of the mark due perhaps to mis-reading a question or falsely assuming that the originator has actualy reported real symptons as opposed to guessing them. Such "misfires" are usually sorted out at the second or third pass by encouraging them to be more precise both in applying suggestions and reporting the results. At the same time other "experts" are competently answering the same questions which continually adds to the sum total of all our knowledge. As such the Rover SD1/V8 forums have become a key learning tool.

Over the years I have been snipping out my contributions to these muli-various problems and saving them in massively growing text files, unformatted, untitled, just one big mess of a library containing the "Gospels according to St. Alban". as it were? Pretentious? Moi? Well - maybe, but otherwise very happy that some of the efforts have been instrumental in helping other Rover SD1 Owners/Hobbyists in their time of need. As for their efficacy, read them, try them and report back!

So! What appears here is a hotch-potch of personal contributions/opinions on random subjects related to the Rover SD1/V8, the common "Flapper" Efi system and other aspects of the car and/ or its ancilliary components. Trawl the index for stuff of interest, click the link and enjoy! I would like to think that these contributions form a sort of "wisdom bank" but am all too aware that wisdom (like beauty) is only in the eye of the beholder and as all of these snippety bits come mostly from my own contributions the reader may consider there are other viewpoints not being expressed here, yet! If you have an alternative contribution or spot errors or omissions please advise.

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