Over the years we develop a range of Tips n' Tricks that become second nature to us in the workshop, on the flying field, out retrieving, making field repairs, whatever? Simple things we do without passing thought and complex things that often surprise us in our search for improvement.

Yet how often do we share these gems of knowledge, broadcast them or simply tell our mates? Something will come up in casual conversation, the penny drops and we immediately say "Oh! I usually do it this way!" and the audience responds "Thats a good idea! Why didn't I think of that?"

So this section of my website is for those "Eureka Moments" that have become part of my hobby, whether they were were the result of original thought or not., it doesn't matter, because they will doubtless be new to someone as they were, at some stage, to me. Why not share your own Tips n' Tricks and I will find space for them here. If a good idea doesn't care who thought of it, click on any subject in the list to maybe uncover a world of things you wish you'd thought of.

Vintage Model Airplane Tips 'n' Tricks (Click Any Link)

Vintage Model Airplane Tips 'n' Tricks

Warp Free Flying Surfaces
Tube-within-a-tube Freewheel Propeller

Vintage Model Airplane Tips 'n' Tricks

Preparing Rubber Motors
Boxing Clever avoids Transit Damage

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