Who or what is "The Crazy Rubber Band"? In the photo we see some members L to R: Ted Challis, Eric Cooper, Jean Cox, Bill Cox (behind the lens), Sally Challis, Peter Michel, Les Spink (sadly deceased), Robin Kimber, Ramon Alban and Ed Bennett.

I'm not sure when the phrase first appeared but I think it came on to my radar when Andrew Longhurst used it in an early Sam35Speaks "Rubber Column". It struck an immediate chord with my "word play" fascination because it not only describes the way in which vintage rubber powered model aeroplanes are (sometimes) flown, but it also goes a long way to explain what the loosely knit group of people who fly such model airplanes get up to in their "Crazy" hobby.

CRAZY, because of the arduous adventures we get up to in persuit of our hobby, RUBBER, because of the motive power for the model airplanes and BAND, because it describes both the motors (rubber band) as well as any group of people all doing the same thing.

Thus, I stole the phrase and applied it liberally to any or all of the various essays (see the download archive) that I have written over the years describing some unusual adventures and my involvment in this strand of our hobby. Now, whenever the phrase appears in print there is a good chance that free flight aeromodellers in the U.K. and possibly in time, worldwide, will associate it with our particular rubber powered vintage model airplane activities.

Other members of this loose association are Mike Kemp, Spencer Willis, Andrew Longhurst, Rex Oldridge, Dave Taylor, Richard Fryer, Dave Beales (+ William and Adam), John and Barbara Knight, Nick and Carol Farley and of course, it takes no imagination to find us in close proximity on the flight line aiding and abetting each other into even more outragous deeds of derring-do. How then can you get to join this disparate group of rabble rousers? There are no fees or qualifications of skill but it helps if you are Crazy, you must fly Vintage Rubber and you should be prepared to tell any story, no matter how tall, of your exploits on and off the flying field the next time you find us in the pub, or you can be added to the membership and tell your stories here! Contact me?

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